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Only here & now with Doppel Bock!


Black Forest

Maïtre Rossi is a real Badener. And Mr. Rossi is also, appropriately, an animated character created by Italian filmmaker Bruno Bozzetto in the series "Herr Rossi sucht das Glück". On his search for happiness, our Herr Rossi was now at home, in the Upper Black Forest. He wants to bring the best of the Black Forest to Berlin. He doesn't walk on the beaten track where everyone is walking. He knows his stuff!

He has found the best in the Black Forest in a targeted and stylish manner: small and particularly fine, a family business between craftsmanship, design, tradition, high technology, perfectionism as an attitude, love for the region and its resources and sustainability!


Mr Rossi didn't need convincing, he already was. Nevertheless, he was able to enjoy a personal tour of the Waldhaus private brewery from managing director Dieter Schmid and master brewer Bernhard Ebner, as well as beer tasting and a visit to the brewery inn. Natur Radler SAUER, Sommer Bier and Diplom Pils are perfect beer specialties, and not only in high summer temperatures. All prepared with natural hops and water from the springs of the Black Forest and lots and lots of love.

The Waldhaus attributes fit perfectly with Maïtre Rossi's concept of guild management - with its very own style, not pleasing and adapted, regional, honest, homemade, finely hopped, award-winning and, above all, always trying to be the very best!

With this in mind, there has been a Waldhaus Diplom Pils vom Hahn in the guild in Moabit since August 2019. This makes the restaurant the only place in town where you can enjoy this fine Pilsner, which has been refined over and over again and has received numerous international awards.

And now, at Christmas time, Rossi's "Christmas beer" is coming from the private brewery Waldhaus: Das Doppel Bock! Despite or because of 8.5% alcohol content with a pleasant and extremely high drinking flow!

Bottom up! Of course in Berlin!



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