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 The chef, the maître and their companions.


Here's some information so you know who you're dealing with, but it sure would be nicer to meet us at the shop. 


A real Brandenburger!

Did a solid training as a chef in Oranienburg with distinction. Since then he has worked as a chef in very good Berlin restaurants; International cuisine, seasonal cuisine, German cuisine. 

Nevertheless, he (still) sticks with himMaîtreand is head chef at ZUNFTWIRTSCHAFT. Responsible for the best regional cuisine, far beyond the borders of Moabit! 

We also call Chef Elsasser the "bad cook" because he likes to bitch around - with a typical Berlin snout, koddrig, direct and aggressive. But complaining also gets us further, it makes our hearts beat faster and prevents stagnation.

Chief Elsasser
Chef Elsasser Anker


A real Badener!

Even got a commercial college degree.

He quickly found his way to Berlin. Since then, the filmmaker and film producer, food tester and wine connoisseur with good taste has been traveling incognito (see photo) and has advised many other start-ups.

Then made him life Maître of the ZUNFTWIRTSCHAFT. 

As a lover of good food and drinks, we like to call Mr. Rossi – who, as is well known, seeks happiness – an “old connoisseur”.

Master Rossi
Maitre Rossi Anker

JULIANE FUCHS *Public Relations

A genuine Berliner with influences from Thuringia, Brandenburg, Silesia, the Baltic Sea and North Sea, film, television, festivals and theatre. 

One day she came into the ZUNFTWIRTSCHAFT through a TV shoot, fell in love with the place, the people and the kitchen, took care of advertising and public relations and finally became a jack of all trades, kitchen boy and apprentice to the evil cook. She is also available as a waiter with and without a dirndl.

We like to call Ms. Fuchs the “zealous Ms. Fox” because she is so good at getting involved in everything she does.

Mrs Fox

OUR *Dishwasher

Since it is not otherwise mentioned - here is our dishwasher Waschfix 3000 Super Mega Turbo V10 TDI.

Our dishwasher
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