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UPDATE 4/1/2022


Since April 1st, 2022, most corona restrictions and protective measures have been lifted. Our restaurant is open again for everyone.

We look forward to any opening opportunities and to guests who can enjoy with us, and at the same time we will continue to exercise all caution!

Thank you very much for your support and patience over the last few years! 

Here you will find the most common questions and answers on the subject that concern us - as short and simple as possible:  


Do you still have takeaway food?

Yes, of course.

What can we open?

Our outdoor area/terrace and also the restaurant inside,
with tables, seats, food and drinks.

Where can you eat and drink?

In the restaurant at the table and bar, on the terrace at tables and bar tables and to take away.

Is there a reservation obligation? 



Do vaccination certificates or tests still have to be checked? 


Do the distance rules still apply in the restaurant or at events?

No. Distance rules do not apply in the restaurant or at events.


How many people can be seated at a table?

A number of people is no longer specified. There is no minimum distance required at the table.

Is attendance documentation still mandatory?

No, since February 5th, 2022, attendance no longer has to be documented.

Who has to wear which mask where?

Masks are no longer compulsory for guests.

Although we are very happy about this long-awaited freedom, we still feel quite insecure and are therefore grateful, for example, to all people who continue to wear masks. We maintain strict hygiene rules, but they should not only apply to gastronomy anyway. Our guests and employees should feel comfortable and safe and definitely stay healthy and alert.

Sources and useful and important links:


Senate Chancellery - Measures against the corona virus


Gastronomy-specific FAQs from DEHOGA Berlin


Corona information channel of the Federal Ministry of Health

Our hygiene concept in PDF format 

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