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14.09. 2019


Moabit Kiezfest & Energy Day 2019

We are always there!

In 2019, the Moabit Kiezfest took place on September 14th. With main stage and gastronomy on Mathilde-Jakob-Platz, market stalls, promotions, play area and small stage on Bremer and Jonasstrasse:


In 2019, the Moabit Kiezfest took place for the seventh time at the Tiergarten town hall. On Saturday, September 14th, 2019 we have our motto local - creative - colourful! expressed again and organized a festival together with you, which presented the Moabite island in its diversity. As always, you were welcome to get involved - at a market stall, with a program item on a stage or in the design of the TIM evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the town hall forecourt).

The commercial street management is responsible for the festival area (market) and the town hall forecourt (gastronomy). Contact via email to the shopping street management:

The Freche Spatz eV is responsible for the social initiatives. Contact via email to Dorothee Heidermanns:

The Moabiter Ratschlag eV is responsible for the cultural program. Contact for cultural workers & the stage program via email or telephone - Felicitas Grützmann:, Tel: 0172 3225723.

If you have any questions, the contact persons mentioned are always happy to help you.

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