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Winter time is Haxn time!

We celebrate with our wicked chef and maître Martin Rossi:

On Friday, February 16, 2024, and Saturday, February 17, 2024, we will be serving great knuckle of pork and the best braised pork knuckle! With sauerkraut, pea puree, Thuringian dumplings; best by reservation or order.

But we don't leave spontaneously hungry people alone either!

Your thick, large pork knuckle (approx. 1 kg) could look like this (as above), if ordered in advance 24 hours in advanceby telephone and by email via

+49 170 58 10 100;

as well as online via our online reservation.

While the knuckles (Haxn) are fried crispy in the oven after a good cooking time until the cut crust "pops", the chef prepares the braised pork knuckles (Eisbein) in the "Berlin style": He uses lightly cured ham knuckles, but still works with the preparation some pickling salt. He puts the pork knuckles in cold water with soup vegetables and onions, brings them to the boil slowly and cooks them with a little of his good broth as well as allspice, bay leaves, juniper berries, cloves and pepper until butter-tender for about two hours. Of course, skimming happens more often. There is also spicy sauerkraut with a few fine strips of carrots, onions and apples stewed in lard, bay leaves, allspice, juniper, pork knuckle broth and white wine. Of course, the cook also prepares pea puree - also with pork knuckle broth and not completely strained. The pea puree is traditionally garnished with hearty, fried, fine diced bacon and onions (Panache) and served with boiled potatoes.

The knuckles can be as enjoyable at home as they are in a restaurant. The wicked chef and the eager Mrs. Fox prepare them perfectly and pack them up nice and warm.

The wicked chef can also give you good tips and advice on how to serve the knuckle you took with you so that it is nice and crispy and tender.

And as always, Maitre Rossi recommends his good beers and fine wines.

Please continue to stay healthy, happy and optimistic, we always do too!

Your Zunftwirtschaft team


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