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08/16 2019




The cameraman Börres Weiffenbach (Grimme Prize, German Camera Prize, Bavarian Television Prize) gives an insight into the basics of the artistic visual language of cinematic narratives. It is about the content of the camera and the positioning on the topic and the handling of the technology in the team and in the encounter with the protagonists. A critical examination of the visual language is intended to raise awareness of the strengths of the cinematic narrative.


Based on his own experiences and selected scenes from nonfiction films, Weiffenbach talks about strategies of image design.
- Which thoughts and planning in advance of a film production are important when developing a camera concept?
- How does the attitude of the filmmakers towards their subjects and protagonists affect the development and implementation of the camera concept?
- What influence does the collaboration with the director have on the image design of the film?
- How does the size of a documentary team affect the intimacy of a scene and which strategies can be used to transfer emotional moments and scenes into a strong cinematic narrative with sensitivity and respect for the protagonists?

The seminar is aimed at camerawomen and cameramen as well as directors. Producers also learn how budget decisions affect the artistic work in the team and what consequences they have to bear together with their team.

The lecturer Börres Weiffenbach is concerned with creating an awareness of the requirements of camera work in the documentary work process and developing strategies and concepts for an emotionally strong and high-quality visual language together with the course participants. The attitude of the entire team behind the camera plays a decisive role in the successful cinematic implementation. According to Weiffenbach, high-quality image design does not depend on the overall budget of a production. Rather, it is important to find the right visual language depending on the subject of the film, the camera equipment that can be financed and the director's concept. At the same time, with small film budgets, it is important to be aware of the effects on image design and practical implementation on location.



Börres Weiffenbach has made more than 40 documentaries over the past 20 years. His camera work has been awarded several times with the Grimme Prize and the German Camera Prize, most recently for the feature film "Dead Man Working". Three documentaries photographed by Weiffenbach were awarded the Bavarian Film Awards in the Best Documentary category. The film Master Of The Universe received the European Film Prize in 2014. Films photographed by Weiffenbach are shown at national and international festivals.

time + place

Friday 08/16/19
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m

Guild management in the Arminius market hall
Arminiusstrasse 2-4
10551 Berlin-Moabit
(near underground station Turmstrasse)

participation fees

AG DOK members: 100 €
Other associations with a cooperation agreement*: €145
Non-members*: €200

The amount includes all teaching and practice units as well as meals. The catering includes a warm buffet at lunchtime.

Bonus vouchers from the education bonus program are accepted!

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